In 2021 the Emergency Medical Services responded to 6,664 suspected overdoses in Palm Beach County, and (3,157) 47.4% were opioid suspected.

Risk & Protective Factors

Risk Factors

  • Mental Health and Behavioral Issues
  • Environmental Issues
  • Early Substance Abuse
  • Community Norms Favorable toward Substance Use

Protective Factors

  • Mental Health and Behavioral Management Resources
  • Resources to Manage Immediate Environment
  • Resources to Prevent Early Substance Abuse
  • Community Programs to Increase Access to treatment and Prevention


The Safe Prescribing Initiative has mirrored the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health, established in 1997. The Safe Prescribing Initiative has followed the five operating principles for public health programs proposed within the 1997 framework. The operating principles are as follows:

  1. To use science as the basis of decision-making and action.
  2. To use public health action as a source to expand social equity.
  3. To perform effectively as a service agency.
  4. To make outcome-focused efforts.
  5. To being accountable.

Desired Outcome

In 2021 the Emergency Medical Services responded to 6,664 suspected overdoses in Palm Beach County, and (3,157) 47.4% were opioid suspected.

Addiction to prescription opioids can happen to anyone at any time, which is why it is so important that we all work together to cease the exposure of our children to potential life altering opportunities to abuse prescription opioids. Ultimately, the Safe Prescribing Initiative’s goal is to keep our children and community safe from addiction by decreasing the number of opioid prescriptions per capita in Palm Beach County.

Download Prescription Opioids & Youth – English

Descargar “Los Opioides Recetados y Los Jóvenes” – Spanish

Download “Preskripsyon Opioid ak Jen Timoun” – Creole

Baixe “Opioides Prescritos & Jovens” – Portuguese

Download Keep Your Family Safe – English

Descargar “Mantenga a su familia segura” – Spanish

Download “Kenbe fanmi w an sekirite” – Creole

Baixe “Mantenha Sua Família Segura” – Portuguese

Download Spot the Changes. Save a Life – English

Descargar “Detectar Los Cambios. Salva Una Vida.” – Spanish

Download “Rekonèt Chanjman Yo. Sove on Lavi.” – Creole

Baixe “Identifique As Mudanças. Salve Uma Vida.” – Portuguese

Download “The Art of Prescribing in Children and Adolescents: A Prescribers Guide” – English

Descargar “El Arte de Prescribir Opioides para Niños y Adolescentes: Una Guía para Prescriptores” – Spanish

Download “Yon Gid Pou Preskripsyon Opioid pou Timoun ak Adolesan” – Creole

Baixe “A Arte da Prescrição de Opioides Para Crianças e Adolescentes: Um Guia Para Médicos” – Portuguese

Download the Safe Prescription Initiative Tool Kit 

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