Imagine if, at that moment, a voice spoke to us and told us that Brice is going to be special.

He will have an old soul with an insatiable thirst for knowledge and intellectual curiosity beyond his years. He will be brilliant, funny, athletic, sensitive, empathetic, sociable, loyal, and healthy. He will enjoy summer camp and martial arts, reading, poetry, art, science, and history. He will also struggle, and in turn, you will struggle to understand him, to guide him, and teach him ways to cope, hoping he will follow your advice. You will always be available to listen to him, to tuck him into bed. You will sacrifice your own breath so he can breathe easier. We had great expectations for the man Brice would become.

What we did not expect is that we would have to bury our child at the age of twenty- three.

The Brice Makris Endowment Fund was born from Brice’s desire to be healthy, to become free of an insidious disease and to help others gain their lives back. While in the midst of his struggle with opioid addiction, one that he seemed to slowly be winning, leaders in the recovery community boasted that Brice was the type of soul that could “save the lives of 100 men” over his lifetime. Brice was a man with a deep wealth of empathy, kindness, love, and a desire to help others. Brice understood the brotherhood of recovery, and his every intention was to live up to his prophecy and save 100 men and women from the cruel grip of addiction. Unfortunately, an accidental overdose took his life.

Now it is up to us to ensure that Brice’s prophecy will come to bear.

In his honor, the Brice Makris Endowment Fund embodies the spirit of Brice’s commitment to save those 100 men and women. Through Prevention efforts to stop abuse before it begins, through Advocacy to bring the community and needed resources together, and through Scholarships for those that can’t afford the financial hardship of recovery, the Brice Endowment Fund will make a critical contribution to end addiction in our community and beyond.

Love and Light to all,
Michelle and John Makris

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