Influencing Change

Advocacy is about influencing change and directly connecting with those who need support. That’s why the Hanley Foundation is committed to shifting the conversation from outcry to outreach. Along with medical experts, lawmakers, and educators, Hanley Foundation actively strives to remove the stigmas associated with addiction and help those affected find lasting recovery.

Improving Outcomes

The Hanley Foundation believes that prevention education, quality treatment, and recovery should be accessible to everyone. We aim to help improve outcomes for those affected by addiction by advocating for legislation, policies, and funding. With dedicated resources, communities can improve the health of all their citizens.

Elevating Voices

Storytelling is powerful. It drives purpose and meaning for those who share and inspires others to act. Through our work, we have the opportunity to support people in their recovery journeys and give them a platform to share their stories, elevating their voices and empowering them to influence others improving access to critical resources for recovery support and mental health.

Become an Advocate

Help make a difference in the lives of those affected by addiction and become an advocate for change. Email for volunteer opportunities.

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With your financial support, the Hanley Foundation can further its mission of eliminating addiction through prevention, advocacy, treatment, and recovery support.

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