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About Us

At Hanley Foundation, we are dedicated to changing the face of addiction through prevention, advocacy, treatment, and recovery support.

We believe that we can help break the cycle of addiction before it begins by providing extensive prevention education throughout our communities. We also believe in the power of healing, which is why we provide treatment and recovery resources for those affected by addiction. 

We are the largest provider of prevention services in Florida.

For over three decades, we’ve worked throughout Florida to provide substance use prevention and education programs that positively impact parents, caregivers, and students. Through our extensive and important work, we have grown to become the largest provider of prevention services in the state.

Our prevention and education teams function as the front line to the addiction battle in schools across 32 Florida counties, including many in Palm Beach County, where our educational services extend to some 120,000 Florida students.

Hanley Foundation is proud to create and implement strategies designed to support today’s youth and generations to come by building better communities and breaking the cycle of addiction.

Our Treatment Programs

Hanley Foundation proudly owns and operates Hanley Center and Headwaters addiction and mental health treatment facilities in serene Palm Beach, Florida. These centers are committed to offering private and confidential care, set amidst a calming tropical environment that supports healing and recovery. With an emphasis on personalized treatment, Hanley provides age and gender-specific programs, guaranteeing tailored care and support for every patient on their recovery journey.

Nurses in Hanley Center's detox

Our Approach

With a mission of eliminating addiction always in our purview, our targeted and time-tested approach incorporates four primary mission areas:
Prevention, Advocacy, Treatment and Recovery Support.
Learn more about Hanley Foundation’s mission and vision.

Empowering youth to make healthy choices with evidence-based prevention programs that set the gold standard in Florida.
Influencing change by driving awareness and increasing access to resources, helping to improve behavioral health.
Saving lives. Changing outcomes. Leveraging expertise, we maximize donor impact to support those in recovery.
Providing tools to heal and freedom to grow, with a dedication to individuals, families, and our community.

Our History

In the early 1980s, recognizing the absence of quality treatment options—alongside a growing need for such programs in the community—Jack and Mary Jane Hanley had a vision to establish their own in the Palm Beach County area, ultimately establishing the Hanley Center and Hanley Foundation.  

Board of Directors

At Hanley Foundation, our board is an essential component of our success. Their ongoing guidance, support and mentorship help our teams do their best work.