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Our Board

Hanley Foundation’s Board of Directors is responsible for providing strategic direction and oversight of the organization’s mission.

Hanley Foundation Board of Directors

Mr. Chip James
Board Chairman

Mr. Michael J. Hanley
Vice Chair

Mr. Tom Gallagher

Mr. Gerry Arsenault

Ms. Lyanne Azqueta

Ms. Marguerite Connelly

Mr. Andrew Forsyth

Mrs. Erica Garwood

Mr. Gary Harris

Mr. Scott Hollingsworth

Ms. Suzanne Holmes

Mrs. Michelle Makris

Ms. Whitney Miller Douglass

Mr. James L. Myers

Mr. Mark Montgomery

Mr. Gene Rintels

Mr. James C. Schneider

Mrs. Anne B. Sternlicht

Mr. Fritz Van der Grift


Mr. William R. Adkins

Mrs. Lillian Fanjul Azqueta

Ms. Sarah Cortvriend

Ms. Susan R. Goldstein

Mrs. Mary Jane Hanley

Mrs. Nancy P. Hooker

Mrs. Yardley M. Manfuso

In Memoriam

Mr. Robert Critton

Mr. John W. Hanley

Mr. Richard Hellawell

Mr. Michael Keenan

Mrs. Anne Keresey

Mr. Frank J. Lewis

Mr. Patrick J. Rooney

Responsibilities of The Board

Each and every board member is dedicated to our cause and remains instrumental in helping Hanley Foundation make a positive impact on individuals and families throughout our community.

The Board meets regularly throughout the year to review current programs, plan new initiatives, and provide guidance on services and fundraising efforts. They also serve as ambassadors for Hanley Foundation at various events and community meetings, helping us reach a wide range of new potential supporters.

From extensive donor connections to providing invaluable strategic guidance, our Board’s many contributions have made our work possible year after year.

Message from the Board Chair

Dear Friends,

The work of the Hanley Foundation is a very personal mission for me.

When I came upon the Hanley Foundation, as a decade-long participant and beneficiary of all things recovery, I knew nothing about the foundation’s work.

I quickly learned that Hanley Foundation is the undisputed leader in prevention programs for school children and young adults across the state of Florida. I learned that in the last few years, Hanley Foundation has provided scholarships to thousands of people so they can begin their own path to recovery. And I learned a whole lot more.

Most people, even many in the recovery community, don’t know that the foundation exists as a stand-alone leader in recovery. Or, that the Hanley Foundation is the “invisible glue” that holds prevention and recovery together.  We are about to become more visible.

The void that came from the loss of most local, healthy, and successful nonprofit treatment and recovery organizations will be filled with Hanley Foundation’s new Campus for Prevention & Recovery, now being developed in West Palm Beach. The “Restoring Hope” capital campaign is well underway. It has come together starting with 100% participation from the Hanley Foundation staff and Board of Directors.

I envision the Campus for Prevention & Recovery as the tentpole under which are the myriad of services and programs provided by us and like-minded organizations, all residing in immediate proximity. Equally as important, the campus will be a safe, supporting place for those starting the journey and those well along its path. You’ll hear more about the vision in the months to come.

Chip James
Hanley Foundation Board Chair