Prevention Programs

The prevention efforts of Hanley Foundation have positively impacted nearly a quarter of a million individuals over the past 18 years. Recognizing the need for a program designed to prevent adolescents from beginning to use alcohol, Hanley Foundation launched its first prevention program in 1998.

Prior to that year, the majority of substance abuse prevention programs for youth was focused on scare tactics or “Just Say No” campaigns. Taking a different approach, Hanley Foundation designed and provided prevention resources focused on building positive self-esteem in young people and helping them recognize that non-usage among their peers was more prevalent than usage.

Today, Hanley Foundation offers an array of research-based Substance Abuse Prevention (SAP) programs for parents, caregivers, older adults, and students. Hanley Foundation understands the importance of alcohol and drug prevention program education and has helped adults and children receive it in schools and communities. We recognize that understanding the disease of addiction empowers people to develop healthy coping skills and lifestyles, which, in turn, helps to prevent its onset.

In cooperation with our community partners, Hanley Foundations prevention programs for youth work to prevent and delay use of alcohol and other drugs, as well as to minimize the potential future harm from use. Programming through Hanley SAP is grant-funded, and availability varies by location. As a leader in this field, Hanley Foundation’s substance abuse prevention education is well-known and highly regarded for:

  • Educating and raising awareness of the prevention of substance abuse in schools and communities
  • Encouraging efforts within communities and with community partners to promote healthy lifestyles
  • Positively influencing attitudes, norms, and values by empowering individuals and families
  • Contributing to the advancement of research and science in the prevention field

Over the past two decades, the mission of the Foundation’s Prevention Department has broadened to encompass programming across the age continuum, particularly with middle and high school students and underage drinking prevention as well as substance use prevention. With this age group, programming is designed to extend the age of first use by utilizing the teenage need for self-discovery and validation. For example, a discussion of the actual effects of alcohol versus what teens perceive helps teens make the decision not to drink and helps to prevent underage drinking.

The effects of these alcohol and drug prevention programs prove that education is empowering. To date, the Hanley Foundation is providing programming in 15 of Florida’s 67 counties. Our efforts have helped raise the age of first use within Palm Beach County from 10 years old in the year 2000 to 13 years old in 2015. We expanded our programming to encompass older adults in 2003. Though this newest approach is more age-specific than the one used with youth, it is equally effective.

The goal over the next 3 to 5 years is to expand programming to all remaining counties, which currently lack research-driven and best evidence-based programming within their communities. The expansion will also extend to schools within the current 15 counties that currently do not have any programming.

The State of Florida’s capacity to fund programming in these un-served and undeserved communities is not yet known. Hanley Foundation is determined to find funding to provide substance education and alcohol education in schools and in all areas where it is needed and desired.

Our programs are National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP) certified and listed below.

Active Parenting
Aging to Perfection
Alcohol Literacy Challenge
Youth Mental Health First Aid
Botvin LifeSkills Training

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