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Hanley Foundation’s comprehensive prevention efforts have made a positive difference in the lives of nearly a quarter million individuals since its launch in 1998.

A Different Approach

In the 1990s, substance abuse prevention was largely focused on scare tactics and oversimplification with campaigns like Just Say No. Looking for a different approach, Hanley Foundation set out to design resources focused on building positive self-esteem and changing the conversation around substance use.

Prevention Programming for Communities

Today, Hanley Foundation offers various research-based Substance Abuse Prevention (SAP) programs for parents, caregivers, older adults, and students. Hanley Foundation understands the importance of alcohol and drug prevention program education, and our teams have dedicated significant resources, time, and effort into building practical programs tailored for today’s youth.

In cooperation with our community partners, Hanley Foundation’s prevention programs work to prevent substance use in youth and minimize harm — both now and in the future.

Thank you all for coming out last week and presenting to our 11th and 12th grades. The presentations were wonderful and your ability to connect with the students in such a short time reflects in their level of participation and growth in knowledge from pre to post-test scores!

Director of Student Services – Team Success A School of Excellence

A Leader in Our Field

Educating and raising awareness of the prevention of substance abuse in schools and communities
Encouraging efforts within communities and with community partners to promote healthy lifestyles
Positively influencing attitudes, norms, and values by empowering individuals and families
Making a significant contribution to the advancement of research and science in the field of substance use prevention

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Expanding Our Mission and Our Footprint

Over the past two decades, the mission of the Foundation’s Prevention Department has broadened to encompass programming across the age continuum, with particular focus on middle and high-school students. With this age group, programming is designed to extend the age of first use by utilizing the teenage need for self-discovery and validation — educating teens about the actual effects of drugs and alcohol and correcting misconceptions. 

To date, the Hanley Foundation delivers programming across 32 of Florida’s 67 counties. In 2022, we provided over $7.15 million in prevention and education services throughout the state, impacting the lives of some 75,000 students, parents, and caregivers. 

Goals for the Future

The goal over the next five years is to expand programming to all remaining counties, which currently lack research-driven and best evidence-based programming within their communities. 

Despite uncertain state funding, Hanley Foundation remains determined to reach these underserved communities, providing valuable substance and alcohol education that have helped so many others throughout Florida.

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