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Parenting Wisely

Designed by family and social scientists, Parenting Wisely is a self-instructional interactive training program for parents of children ages 3 to 18. The program is designed to help parents learn constructive skills for solving problem behaviors, navigating family conflict, and more.

Responsible Parenting

Parenting Wisely provides parents with the tools to raise their children in a positive and responsible environment. It teaches effective communication and appropriate discipline strategies across all ages and encourages parents to focus on building strong relationships with their children.

Equipping Children for Success

The program equips children with essential problem-solving skills, courage and resilience that will serve them throughout their lives. It also promotes parental involvement in education by providing guidance on how to best support children’s academic growth.

Parenting Wisely Coursework

The Parenting Wisely program includes a variety of self-directed coursework for parents, allowing them to work through the program at their own pace. Most sessions can be completed in 2 to 3 hours. Parents additionally receive workbooks with course content and exercises designed to promote skill building.

  • Video Scenarios
    Learn by watching videos of common parenting scenarios that demonstrate different responses for how to handle them.
  • Review Questions
    Following the video, review the responses to better understand the situations and prepare for dealing with them in real time.
  • Interactive Quizzes
    Test your understanding with quizzes, which are featured at the end of each chapter within the curriculum.
  • Skills Practice
    Learning is never done! Even after you’ve completed the course, you can keep practicing in the Skills Practice section.

Young Child Edition

Built for parents of children ages 3 – 11, this Parenting Wisely program teaches parenting skills in redirection, active listening, and setting limits and consequences. It also teaches parents how to foster good social skills.

Teen Edition

Become a parent to successful teenagers with the help of Parenting Wisely. This program is designed for parents with children ages 11 and older. The curriculum helps parents support their children to perform better in school, develop social skills and deal with issues of substance abuse.

Get Started with Parenting Wisely

To start your coursework or learn more about the program, contact us and get started with Parenting Wisely.

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