Hanley Foundation spearheads new Teen Court and Mental Health Court programs in Dixie, Hendry, and Glades Counties. These transformative community initiatives are supported by the Criminal Justice Mental Health and Substance Abuse Reinvestment Grant and launched in collaboration with the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Hanley Foundation Teen Court Program

Hanley Foundation’s Teen Court Programs are pioneering youth tribunal systems where youth can take on the roles of judge, jury, and advocate in the spirit of restorative justice. These programs help youth facing mental health and substance use challenges, as well as those at risk of entering the justice system. Participants are held accountable through meaningful sanctions like community service and educational programming, but they are also supported by a spectrum of services that foster growth, learning, and healing. The phased approach guides youth participants through initial intake and assessment to ongoing treatment, mentorship, and skill development, ensuring complete support and personal growth.

Goals of Teen Court

Hanley Foundation’s Teen Court program aims to instill accountability, promote personal growth, and prevent future involvement in the justice system. By engaging youth in a restorative justice process where they are judged and supported by their peers, Teen Court seeks to reduce delinquent behavior with the power of empathy and education.

Hanley Foundation Mental Health Court Program

This specialized Mental Health Court Program addresses the unique needs of adults (aged 18+) grappling with mental health or substance use disorders, as well as those at risk of entering the criminal justice system. By reducing the costs associated with courts and corrections and providing alternatives to incarceration, Hanley Foundation’s Mental Health Court enhances both public safety and quality of life for its participants. The program is structured in phases, beginning with thorough intake and assessment, followed by tailored treatment plans, and culminating in aftercare and alumni support.

Goals of Mental Health Court

Hanley Foundation’s Mental Health Court Programs seek to reduce the rate of recidivism, facilitate access to effective treatment options, and offer meaningful alternatives to incarceration. With structured support and appropriate community resources, the Mental Health Court Program promotes recovery and reintegration into the community, promoting a cycle of positive outcomes for participants and society alike while providing vital educational and rehabilitative services.

About Hanley Foundation

Programs like these support Hanley Foundation’s mission to eliminate addiction through prevention, advocacy, treatment, and recovery support. Every year, Hanley Foundation serves 72,000 students, providing key prevention programming across 32 Florida counties and delivering treatment scholarships for up to 500 participants.

Contact Information

For more information or to get involved with our Teen Court or Mental Health Court Programs in Dixie county contact dixie@hanleyfoundation.org and for Hendry and Glades counties hendryglades@hanleyfoundation.org.

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