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Martha Putnam, Hanley Center Foundation, Coordinator of Adult Programs

I have spent a couple of weeks talking about Family Standards. These are more than just rules, it is a way of living for your family.  Generally, consequences have a pretty negative connotation.

I want to be sure that as we frame our family standards and consider attaching consequences, that we remember to look at the positive and negative outcomes.  For example, if our child breaks a standard, of course, we will have a negative consequence.

But let’s look at consequences from another angle.  If one of your standards is no fighting… and all your children make it through a whole week without anyone getting a negative consequence—everyone gets a positive consequence!   How about a celebration or something out of the box… dessert before dinner or family dance party.

What are some positive consequences your family does?  Make sure to leave your comments on our Facebook page,  #MomSays.