Hanley Foundation has created Youth Prevention Workbooks as a resource for schools to utilize as part of their everyday curriculum. We have collaborated with a local educator to create five levels of age and developmentally-appropriate workbooks that convey the messaging from our evidence-based prevention programs, incorporating current teaching standards and benchmarks being taught in the classroom. The workbooks are designed specifically for grade levels: Kindergarten, 4th Grade, 6th Grade, 9th Grade, and 12th Grade.

These attention-grabbing workbooks provide elementary school students with substance use prevention through games, puzzles, easy-to-read text, and coloring pages. The middle and high school versions test students’ knowledge and attitudes toward substance use by employing fact sheets and fillable worksheets. The materials within the workbook utilize evidence-based resources and factual information from reputable sources while engaging youth in critical thinking about how substances affect their body and brain.


To request a Hanley Foundation Youth Prevention Workbook, please email Programs@hanleyfoundation.org.


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