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Martha Putnam, Hanley Center Foundation, Coordinator of Adult Programs

Consequences Part 2.  If you wrote out your standards now would be a great time to go back and discuss consequences and write them down for each standard.

I don’t know about you—but one of the most exhausting parts of parenting was constantly coming up with “punishments” and hoping they worked. Now that emotional energy can be saved for something else.

In a family meeting, you all discuss together what appropriate consequences should be. We have 3 levels of consequence for each standard. BE PREPARED. Discuss with your spouse or significant other the direction you want the conversation to go.

BE PREPARED. This is not a quick meeting—the purpose is to take the time you need to get the whole family on board. BE PREPARED. Set a space that will make everyone comfortable to discuss the topic.

Where, when and how you have this conversation will make all the difference.

What tips do you have for having this conversation? #MomSays