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Martha Putnam, Hanley Center Foundation, Coordinator of Adult Programs

Things just got real… it’s the first day of school for most of my kids today!!! Every year I think things won’t be hectic and I try and slowly get everyone back on track and have a good schedule and every year it’s still a little crazy.

This year I am trying something different. A single piece of paper!  My three youngest and I sat down with all our fresh school supplies laid out and on a single piece of paper created a morning chart.

So my middle schooler can remember that he needs to complete:  hair, teeth, deodorant (he’s a boy), homework, backpack, breakfast and make and pack his own lunch.  He checks off his boxes to make sure he’s gotten everything.

My son and daughter in 4th and 1st grade respectively fill out their own columns: hair, teeth, homework, backpack, and breakfast.

I always see these things on Pinterest—but I finally took 30 minutes to sit down and create it with my kids.

Our reward is not only a smoother morning process- which doesn’t include me reminding them of tasks constantly- but if whoever checks off every box every day—get to pick 1 thing from the dollar spot at Target on Saturday morning. 

What helps your morning run better?  Make sure to leave your suggestions for other parents on our facebook page, #MomSays.