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 Martha Putnam, Hanley Center Foundation, Coordinator of Adult Programs

two girls eating

National Family Day – one day a year we take as a country to highlight the value of the families and taking take for a family meal. Notice I said meal – it doesn’t have to be dinner!  Sometimes we have Saturday morning breakfast together.

This year we won’t be together as a family till about 7:30 pm  (soccer games, color guard practice, and varsity volleyball practice) so we are having family dessert night.  Whether it’s take-out supper, breakfast or dessert the main thing is that your family time is distraction free – no tv, no phones!

We play a little game called Apples and Onions, we all take turns sharing the best, happiest part of our day (Apples) and the stinkiest, yuckiest part of our day (Onions).  Pretty quickly I can identify if someone needs a little extra attention that night cause they had a rough day.  What’s your favorite family meal idea?  Make sure to leave your ideas on our facebook page. #MomSays