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Reviewed by Hanley Foundation Prevention Specialist Marcia Tilson 

The parenting books I read were The Bible and the “What to Expect” series.  When raising children, you need all the help you can get.  I found so much wisdom from The Bible on how to rear children and how to be a mother. We always say that children aren’t born with an instruction manual, but The Bible is it.  When you read it, it instructs you how to not provoke your children to wrath, how to love them, and discipline them.  It really covers any problem that you may face.  

I also read “What to Expect When Expecting” and the series that followed. These books provided lots of valuable advice for a first-time mama.  I was so scared when I had my oldest son.  I didn’t want to mess him up, hurt him, or make a mistake.  I truly believe this series helped me in doing parenting well. The books are filled with such valuable information from basic care to medical conditions.  They really did help me be the best mom I could be.  Now that sweet baby is 22, and I think we made it through okay.