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Hanley Foundation’s Chief Program Officer Ryan Wertepny and Okeechobee County Sherriff Noel Stephen were interviewed on NPR’s WLRN podcast “Sundial” to discuss the opioid crisis and the $1 million grant Hanley Foundation recently received for programs in rural Florida.

The Hendry, Okeechobee, & Glades Opioid Consortium (HOGOC) will use those funds over the next three years to address the prevention, treatment and recovery needs of residents of those counties during this opioid epidemic crisis.

“We do know with all certainty that every dollar we spend in treatment saves society between $4 and $7 in drug-related costs. We need to start investing in addiction prevention. We need to stop the problem of opioid addiction before it starts.” said Hanley Foundation’s Chief Program Officer Ryan Wertepny.

You can read the full article on WLRN here: