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Written By Hanley Foundation Prevention Specialist Susan Makowski

Attention teen parents! Anyone out there looking for some R & R on their parenting journey???

R & R, these two letters together sometimes mean REST and RELAXATION, and as parents of teens isn’t that one of the goals?  Unfortunately, while looking for rest and relaxation, we might find RISKS instead.  Teens are faced with a world full of choices regarding activities that could cause them harm.  Tobacco, alcohol, drugs, inappropriate sexual behavior, and violence top the list of risky teen behaviors. The harm from these activities could be physical, mental, emotional, or financial with short term or long-lasting effects. 

What can a parent do?? First, parents can educate themselves and their teens about these risks.  Second, they can strive to build a strong, healthy relationship and work cooperatively to face these risks. Third, parents can participate in a six-week Active Parenting of Teens workshop offered by Hanley Foundation.

Active Parenting of Teens offers instruction in mutual respect, communication, positive discipline strategies, and two sessions specifically titled “Drugs, Sexuality, and Violence: Reducing the Risks”.  These two sessions present ten prevention strategies parents can use to reduce the risks. 

After participating in an Active Parenting of Teens workshop, you will have laid the foundation for a restful and relaxing parenting experience! (It will still take hard work and dedication, but your efforts will not go unrewarded.) 

Sources: Active Parenting of Teens Third Edition Parent’s & Leader’s Guides

 by:  Michael H. Popkin, Ph.D.