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Project COPE is a program designed to connect families who share the experience of a loved one who has died of an opioid overdose, survived an overdose, or are at high risk for overdose. Too often all the attention is placed on the individual that has suffered an overdose and they are not the only one who has endured a traumatic event. What we know is that substance use disorder is a disease that affects the entire family. Project COPE was implemented so that no person affected by the overdose epidemic would be left behind. Family members often feel judged or inadequate because they could not prevent their loved one’s overdose. Feelings of shame and stigma are common and connecting with others who have similar experiences is crucial for healing.  It is important for the community and families to work together to obtain support following an overdose, or education on preventing a future overdose.  Project COPE is a safe place to connect with others going through a similar situation and learn skills for coping.  Educational topics have included Financial Planning Resources, Self-Care and Nutrition and support speakers have included therapists, grief counselors and art/music therapists.  These sessions will offer a safe place for families to discuss overdose prevention and education topics of interest while also providing resource connections and information on topics important to them. 

We want to foster an open dialogue and meaningful changes in our community, giving everyone hope for the future. Project COPE meets virtually the first and third Thursday of each month from 6 pm – 7:30 pm and continues to provide education and overdose prevention information to the parents, grandparents, family, friends, and caregivers. Call Barbara Shafer 561-268-2357 for additional information.