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After lockdown, physical AA and NA meetings quickly moved online. But some people in recovery are struggling to adapt.

Originally Published on HuffPost

Lockdown is challenging for many of us, but for those in recovery from addiction, every day can feel like an uphill struggle. Long periods of time at home, alone with their thoughts, is something they’re desperate to get away from.

“We’re taught early in recovery to set goals, keep busy, and minimise time spent in our own heads,” says Ben Robinson, 28, who has been sober for a year and two months. “With lockdown, this is a very hard task. When our minds wander, it wanders to the one thing that solved a lot of our problems – alcohol.”

Since the UK has been on lockdown, physical AA meetings have moved online. This is something Ben has found challenging. “Meetings for addicts are more than just a group getting together and talking about their problems,” he says.