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 Martha Putnam, Hanley Center Foundation, Coordinator of Adult Programs
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Hello, my name is Martha Putnam and I’m going to be sharing stories and helpful parenting hints which will hopefully help us inspire each other to be amazing parents…or at least great parents…ok so maybe somedays we might just need to survive and encourage each other that tomorrow has to be a better day.  The purpose of these posts is to really address a holistic approach to parenting—from birth to late teens—keeping in mind prevention is key!

A little about me… My husband Vince and I have been married 18 years.  We got when we were twenty-one years old and decided it would be best to wait at least five years to have kids- Well 12 months later we were blessed with Lilly who is now 17!  The rest of our crew is Grace—16; Will—10;   David—8; and Paige—6.  Paige first came into our family as our foster daughter and two weeks before Christmas 2014 she officially became a Putnam.  With 5 kids spread from a Senior in High School down to a sweet kindergartner, our lives are never dull and I am constantly able to keep my parenting skills finely tuned!  I seem to always be sharing little quotes from moments in life—like on a very windy day I might say something like “her mom should have told her not to wear a short skirt–that’s going to be problem”  Now I hear my kids quoting to each other “ Mom says short skirts and windy days don’t mix” etc.


Mom Says will be a weekly column run on our website, for updates make sure to follow us on Facebook.