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 Martha Putnam, Hanley Center Foundation, Coordinator of Adult Programs

Celebrate memories or milestones!

Besides birthdays there are many times throughout the year to take time to celebrate special memories or milestones. They can be school, family, work or religious.

This week we are taking time to remember Paige’s baptism. She she was adopted at 4 years old. She wasn’t able to wear the same christening gown as our other children so I made something special for her.

I took material from my wedding gown and lace from my mothers gown and silk from my great grandmothers gown and made a sash for her dress.

This week we will take time to look at pictures and I will share with her once again about the special sash she has connects her to our famiy.

What creative ways do you celebrate memories or milestones? Make sure to leave your comments on our facebook post, #MomSays.