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Turner Benoit – Director of Special Projects and Community Engagement

In honor of Mother’s Day, prevention specialist Martha Putnam, author of Hanley Foundation’s weekly “Mom Says” column, which is full of tips and advice for parents on a variety of topics including substance use, discipline, conflict resolution and more, is out enjoying time with her wonderful family. As a busy mother of five, Martha has definitely earned a break of her own. Hope you’re having fun, Martha!

So, I’ll do my best to fill this space with a dad’s eye view of fun ways to help mom feel special this weekend. (That’s right, guys, Mother’s Day is THIS Sunday, 5/14!)

Family time is always time well spent. As the beautiful C.J. Benoit’s lucky husband and father to Phoebe (three) and Nash (one), I truly treasure our time as a family.

For dads like me who may not be that gifted in the kitchen (and who might have waited too long to make a Sunday brunch reservation), consider having a special Mother’s Day meal delivered. Tons of restaurants in our area now offer this easy, affordable feature through local delivery companies. Delivery Dudes is definitely a favorite of mine.

If you want to rack up some major brownie points for creativity and thoughtfulness, nothing beats a homemade card and breakfast cooked with the kids. For fun, try blending some blueberries or raspberries into the mix for blue and pink pancakes.

Picking out and planting a little Florida orange tree is always special, too. You’ll get to relive the fun (muddy) memories of the event as you wait for the fruit to grow.

One of our favorite activities is borrowing our neighbor’s golf cart and taking a spin in the evening to count the rabbits. Another thing I like to do with my kids is take them on late afternoon family treasure hunts for special leaves and shells to show to mom.

Family has always been important to me. Having personal and family experience with addiction, I know that prevention truly begins in the home. I now have the privilege of serving as Director of Special Projects and Community Engagement for Hanley Foundation. I’m proud that the Hanley Foundation is positioned as a place of hope for other individuals and families facing addiction. People absolutely can — and do — recover.


Happy Mother’s Day!

Turner Benoit