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We all know and love Middleburg Martial Arts. It is a part of our community that teaches individuals of all ages life-skills and street-smarts. This family-run business has been changing lives for over 20 years. In that time, Master Lappin has developed many black belts, world champion martial artists, and wildly successful individuals. The key ingredient in their recipe for success is the focus on character development: respect, confidence, leadership, goal setting, and so much more. 

We are taking that to a whole new level by partnering with an organization that you may not have heard of yet! The Hanley Foundation and Middleburg Martial Arts are partnering to provide FREE Active Parenting Workshops to all families in Clay County. There are different programs focused on Elementary-aged children and teens. The Active Parenting Workshops were created by Dr. Michael Popkin and address topics such as: defining mutual respect, offering choices to our children, communication skills, natural and logical consequences, motivation behind certain undesired behaviors, the value of a proactive approach to many parenting situations and family enrichment activities, and meetings. 

As a master-instructor, devoted to helping my students, and a mother, this partnership is very important to me. I am excited to facilitate these courses. As I tell my students, being a black belt is about serving and helping others. So, I can’t wait to see how this program will impact the families in our county!

This program is free and available to any parent, guardian, or caregiver. As parents, none of us are perfect and what better way is there to set an example for our children about self-growth? As Dr. Popkin once said, “Parenting is both important and difficult.” So, let’s help one another! 

The first program will begin in June. Just as Middleburg martial Arts has transitioned to virtual martial arts training, this active parenting course will be hosted on the Zoom platform. We are giving every parent who participates in the course 1 free month of virtual karate for the entire family! 

If you are interested in helping your child grow through martial arts and/or growing as a parent, contact Middleburg Martial Arts. 

(904) 291-1335

We are now offering classes in our Fleming Island academy as well,