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The Bridging The Gap program assists those in treatment make the transition from treatment to the A.A. Program. Those of us who were previously in treatment have found that probably the “wettest” and most “slippery” place in the journey to lifelong sobriety is the distance between the door of the treatment facility and the nearest A.A. group or meeting. Many of us can tell you that, even though we were aware of A.A. while in treatment, we were too hesitant and fearful to attend A.A. meetings on our own. The purpose of Bridging The Gap is to provide a confidential hand, reached out in the spirit of our Twelve Steps of recovery, to assist the newcomer in finding the same help in staying sober that we ourselves found. We do not offer jobs, housing, family or personal counseling, money, clothing, etc. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety. 

Here’s How It Works: Contact your treatment counselor or coordinator. They will provide the needed information to Bryant G. at Once submitted, a member of AA from the area closet to your residence will be in touch with you to make arrangements for attending meetings in your community. Please make sure to provide City, State, and Zip Code, a contact phone number, and date of discharge. If you do not know the exact date of discharge, please estimate it. All information will be kept confidential except for your A.A. contact.