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Intentional drinking is in danger of falling by the wayside during the coronavirus pandemic, as alcohol becomes our go-to comfort.

Originally Published on HuffPost

From the clinking cocktails of Zoom Happy Hours to Ina Garten’s giant cosmo-for-one, there’s plenty of evidence that during the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing is leading to an uptick in social (and even antisocial) drinking.

According to a recent survey from Morning Consult, 16% of adults say they’re drinking more alcohol as a result of quarantine. And per Nielsen, the week ending March 21 saw a whopping 55% rise in the sale of alcoholic beverages in the United States, compared to the previous year’s figures.

But as some leaders of the burgeoning sober-curious movement are quick to note, that’s not the whole picture.

What exactly is the sober-curious movement, anyway?

Being sober-curious means being more intentional about how, when, and why you drink. It’s a movement for everyone, even those who don’t have health- or addiction-related reasons to abstain from alcohol. It’s based on the idea that asking questions about alcohol, or consuming less of it may lead to positive outcomes for one’s health, relationships, finances, and more.