Public Policy

At Hanley Foundation, we Educate,
Change Minds, and Save Lives.

Since 1984, Hanley Foundation has been working to prevent substance use disorders, training professionals to identify the signs and symptoms, ensuring individuals and families are not kept from recovery due to financial hardship, and changing the conversation to one of understanding and empathy. We have made significant progress against an ever-growing challenge.

This is #HanleyEffect.

Now as we enter another phase of our work, Hanley Foundation is focused on driving systemic change. In partnership with Palm Beach County, we have launched the Recovery Leadership Institute (RLI). The RLI is the next major initiative in our work focused on building a strong recovery community. By combining local and statewide recovery advocates, Hanley Foundation, local legislators, and federal policymakers:

  • ¬†will together change the conversation to one of identifying and achieving better outcomes for those with substance use disorders.
  • will prevail in a call for universal, evidence-based youth prevention for all students within Florida.
  • will make the case for funding dedicated to a full continuum of care, versus administering lifesaving intervention alone.

This is #HanleyEffect.

Our efforts are only as strong as our advocates. Join us. Your voice matters.