Lifesaver Patient Aid Fund

The Lifesaver Patient Aid Fund has helped thousands of people receive lifesaving treatment in the decades since its establishment. The Fund is a needs-based scholarship program helping those who otherwise would be unable to afford treatment.

Please consider a donation to the Lifesaver Patient Aid Fund, and help a person in need receive lifesaving treatment.

  • Scholarships have provided treatment for more than 150 individuals
  • 98% of scholarship recipients report an increase in quality of life post-treatment
  • The retail cost of treatment is approximately $35,000 – Scholarship treatment cost is approximately $3,850
  • “Thank you for the help I needed to stay alive.”  – Richard J.
  • “I don’t know what I would have done without this lifesaving gift!” – Kasey O


A Lifesaver Success Story

Anyone looking at Matt H. a short time ago would have assumed he was on top of the world. Handsome and well-spoken, an NCAA Division I hockey player, he appeared to be on track for a marvelous future.  Until . . .

Matt’s story is all too familiar. The ending is too often tragic. Addiction is one of the leading causes of death in America – 70,237 people in 2017.  Twice as many as a decade before. Even if death is not the cruel outcome, the impact of addiction and obstacles to getting sober are often tragic for families, friends, and the individual involved.

Matt’s story, though, has a happy ending, thanks to generous contributions to the Hanley Foundation’s Lifesaver Fund which provides scholarships to people who otherwise would not be able to afford quality addiction treatment.

Helping Real People

The Lifesaver Fund helps people wherever they live, however they became addicted if they and their family demonstrate a true commitment to getting sober and a lifetime commitment to the steps necessary to stay sober. They must also prove the need for financial assistance.

Quality Treatment

Hanley Foundation only works with the best treatment centers across the nation – those which have demonstrated long-term stability and superior success rates. Hanley believes in customized treatment designed to help patients get, and stay sober. Matt’s treatment was eight months in length, for example.

Maximizing Donor Impact

Hanley Foundation has negotiated treatment costs averaging about ten percent of retail, up to a maximum of $5,000, paid by the Lifesaver Fund. They do this by working with a network of compassionate treatment centers that provide one or two scholarship beds at a time thereby reducing the center’s financial exposure while giving back to the community. Through this innovative methodology, Lifesaver Fund scholarship recipients receive the scope of care they need, while allowing the Hanley Foundation to maximize the number of people helped.

Please consider donating today.