Endowment Giving

Endowments can be set up in any donor amount with the purpose to provide support in perpetuity. An endowment fund is a permanent fund in which the spendable amounts are available for the designated purpose. Establishing an endowed gift allows the donor to fulfill his or her personal philanthropic goals while also supporting the mission of Hanley Foundation.

“The Anne Keresey Endowment for Youth Treatment and Programming” is an example of an endowment fund specially earmarked to provide Lifesaver Patient Aid dollars to youth and prevention and education programming throughout the State of Florida.

Mrs. Keresey devoted a significant portion of her life to help others battle addiction.  Now, thanks to the support of her many admirers, Mrs. Keresey’s compassion will carry on forever, as will her philosophy of “Nip it in the bud.”

In 2001, a lead gift of $100,000 from philanthropist and long-time friend, Jack C. Taylor, established The Anne Keresey Endowment for Youth Treatment and Programming. Since then the fund has grown with generous gifts from other donors.

This permanently restricted endowment, created exclusively for the care and treatment of young people and their families, is carefully invested and managed for maximum return with minimum risk. When fully funded at $4 million, the intent is to earn approximately 5 percent of its full value each year for provision of services and programming. Additional contributions and earnings above 5 percent will be reinvested in the endowment to ensure its value in perpetuity.

Please join us in giving young people a chance to begin their recovery by contributing to The Anne Keresey Endowment for Youth Treatment and Programming.

For more information, please contact us at (561) 268-2360 or email Gifts@hanleyfoundation.org.