Boomer and Older Adult Support Groups

Hanley Center, recognizing the need for specialized treatment programs, pioneered age- and gender-specific programs for Boomers and Older Adults. After leaving treatment, the unique continuing needs of each are met by separate support groups.

The Older Adults and Boomers meet weekly at 12 p.m. on their respective units for Alumni Fellowship Group and lunch with patients.

Hanley Center also offers an open discussion AA meeting in West Palm Beach for older adults called Sober Seniors.  This group meets Wednesday at 12:00pm in Kootz and is open to the community.

Boomer Alumni Support Group – Closed to Hanley Center Alumni Only
Thursdays 12:00pm
Building E

Older Adult Lunch with Patients – Closed to Hanley Center Alumni Only
Thursdays 12:00pm
Older Adult Group Room

Sober Seniors AA Meeting – Open to Community
Wednesdays 12:00pm
Kootz Hall

All above meet at Hanley Center Main Campus – 5200 East Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33407

For more information, contact : (561)268-2355 or email