At the Recovery Leadership Institute, our mission is clear: to educate, empower, and equip citizens with the skills they need to drive change within their communities. Whether you’re a professional, an educator, an ally, in recovery, or love someone in recovery, RLI offers a platform for you to learn, grow, and contribute.

Harness the Power of Education and Advocacy

At RLI, we recognize that education and advocacy are dynamic forces in the pursuit of change, and that deploying them together gives us our best chance to make a difference. With your enrollment, you’re not just gaining knowledge, you’re joining the movement.

Transformative Courses That Empower

ROSC 101: Accessing a Recovery Oriented System of Care

Dive into the core principles of a Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC). Gain insights into effective recovery support, understand the pathways to holistic healing, and learn how to become a resource for individuals seeking guidance.

The Role of the Family in Recovery

Discover how families can be a powerful force for good in the recovery journey. Equip yourself with the skills to foster a supportive environment, and learn how to access support like mutual aid groups, clinical therapy, and psychopharmacological interventions.

The Value of Recovery Community Centers

Explore the impact of community in healing. Learn how Recovery Community Centers provide a safe space for individuals to connect, share experiences, and find strength in unity. Become a champion for the value these centers bring to recovery.

Resources for Young People

Empower the next generation with knowledge and resilience. Learn how to put your skills to work for young people. Gain a deeper understanding of concepts like personal recovery capital and the benefits of the many available support programs for local youth.

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The Recovery Leadership Institute delivers the unique opportunity to be part of a solution that’s changing lives. By enrolling in this community-focused program, you gain key skills and join a community of advocates committed to driving meaningful change. Stand up, step forward, and make a real difference.

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