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 Martha Putnam, Hanley Center Foundation, Coordinator of Adult Programs
walking in the rain

Quality time—what a great idea—but it can be tricky in actual execution! Trust me, I know there are some days or even weeks that we are going so fast it’s hard to find some actual focused time.

So first things first—be realistic! If this is a new part of your parenting routine—set just 10-15 minutes a week. What does quality time include—looking, smiling, talking, laughing with your child while being free of distractions.

What does it not include—phone, tv, internet. One of my favorite memories of quality time with our kids was a walk in the rain. It started off cloudy and overcast and we got ponchos just in case. Everyone was trying to keep dry except for Will—he was happy as a clam soaked to the skin. This prompted a discussion of best loves … as in “I love being dry!” or “I love when it’s just raining-no lightening”. We all took turns sharing our favorite loves.

What does your family quality time look like? Leave your suggestions on our Facebook page, #MomSays.