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Nick News Presents: Kids, Race, and Unity | Hosted By Alicia Keys Hosted by Alicia Keys, Nick News talks with founders and leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement, offer tools for families to have constructive conversations about race, and highlights teen activists who are fighting racial injustice in Kids, Race and Unity.
Katie Mather, Yahoo Life At its foundation, TikTok is supposed to be a fun and silly app with lip syncs, challenges, dances and funny videos. But, as with most social media, there is an underlying dark side to the platform that parents and fans of the app should be aware of.
By Dr. Nora Volkow, National Institute on Drug Abuse Taking prescription drugs in a way that hasn't been recommended by a doctor can be more dangerous than people think. In fact, it's drug abuse. And it's illegal, just like taking street drugs. Why Do People Abuse Prescription Drugs?
addiction and covid-19
The Addiction Elephant in the Room This article was written by Joshua Shane Horton, Director of Public Policy for the Hanley Foundation. Joshua S. Horton is also an attorney in Palm Beach County at The Joshua S. Horton Law Firm, PA. The Firm specializes in Substance Use Disorder Law. This year...
For many Americans, July 4th represents independence and freedom.  It represents the date (July 4, 1776) in which the Continental Congress approved the final wording for the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain.  However, not everyone gained independence.  There were persons still being enslaved.  The Emancipation Proclamation was enacted by President Lincoln on January...
Originally Published on treehouserehab.org This guide will cover the do’s and don’ts for talking to your kids about the dangers of addiction and substance abuse, regardless of age. Even if you think your child is well-aware of the risks, as the most important role model in his or her life, it is always necessary to...
Hanley Foundation is offering a FREE Alcohol Literacy Challenge Overview. The Alcohol Literacy Challenge™ (ALC) is an IOM Model “Universal” underage and binge drinking prevention program for middle and high school youth. The program is designed to alter alcohol expectancies and reduce the quantity and frequency of alcohol among middle and high school students. During a one-time ALC lesson, students learn...

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