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We need your voice in the important dialogues about substance abuse in Palm Beach County and throughout the state. We are leading the discussion about prevention, education, treatment support, and advocacy, but we cannot do it effectively without your support.

We need you listening to the questions your kids have about alcohol and drugs, especially when they come to you about things they have seen or heard in the media and entertainment world.

We need you conversing in your homes around the family dinner table at night about these tough issues, in a way that is non-judgmental, relevant, and informed.

We need your unique and personal input in the heart-to-heart exchanges Hanley Foundation is facilitating with educators, law enforcement professionals, and first responders, working on the front lines of the opioid crisis in our community.

Joining the conversation includes taking positive action in addition to engaging in meaningful dialogue. Consider getting involved in one of our upcoming community events as a volunteer or sponsor. Host an educational program with our help about the dangers of alcohol and drugs at your child’s school or your family’s place of worship. Give financially to one of our funds such as Lifesaver Patient Aid.

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