Alumni Relations

Image-1 (5)The mission of the Alumni Relations Department at Hanley Center Foundation is to foster and support a continued, nurturing relationship between individuals and their families who have completed treatment for substance use and mental health disorders and are on their individual paths to recovery.

Whether you are an alumnus of Hanley Center, a family member, a loved one, or simply someone in recovery looking for ways to give back, we look forward to many wonderful opportunities to work with you.

The Hanley Center Foundation is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, now separate from the Hanley Center at Origins. However, if you or your loved one received scholarship assistance to go through treatment at Hanley Center, it was our Foundation that made those funds possible.

This is a new era for our Foundation as we have recently expanded our overall mission. Now, funds raised by Hanley Center Foundation will have a broader opportunity to help families who otherwise could not afford the hope that comes with recovery. Additional funding now gives our prevention and education teams the opportunity to work with even more school-aged children, adults and caregivers throughout Florida to help prevent substance abuse.

Alumni and their loved ones are a unique audience in terms of their understanding regarding the importance of an organization such as Hanley Center Foundation, which is dedicated to quality addiction treatment access and substance abuse prevention. They understand the reality of statistics like “addiction conservatively impacts one in four Americans.” Unfortunately, most also know all too well how important prevention and education efforts are in our communities.

Starting with the 2015 current school year, Hanley Center Foundation’s prevention funding began providing programming to serve more than 40,000 students in nine Florida counties over the next three years—offering local “alumni” many opportunities to get involved with the Foundation. Whether it’s through committing to 12-Step service, volunteering with the Foundation or supporting our mission by attending one of our sponsored events, we honor your fellowship, your service and your support!

Services offered by the department include a variety of events and activities, which are free and open to all alumni and their families as well as special events such as the annual Hanley Foundation Alumni Reunion. Alumni activities are generally informal in nature, and are supplementary to, not a replacement for 12-Step or other important recovery programs.

We will soon be starting Chapter Groups throughout Florida and in other areas. If you would like to be a host in your area or to become more involved with a particular area, please let us know!

For more information, contact  (561) 841-1166 or